Zurich Young Portrait Prize

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Hi everyone, if we were in school I would definitely enter all of you fabulous artists in this competition. A portrait is a piece of artwork that tells a person’s story. It could be a Painting, drawing, photograph, collage or sculpture.

Here are some samples from the Zurich young artist website. Please follow the link below for all the details and if you do decide to give this a go, Please send me a photo of it.

Photo of a young woman, dressed in paint-covered clothes, seated at an easel in a gallery and copying from a portrait.
Roderic O'Conor (1860-1940), 'Portrait of a Man, possibly Paul Serusier', 1895- detail. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland.
A painting of an elderly woman, a fisherman's mother, wearing a purple headscarf and leaning both hands on a walking stick.
A photograph on paper. The head of a young girl is clearly visible, as though reflected in a square of mirror - on one side of her head her hair is pinned up in a ponytail, on the other side it is loose to her shoulders. One of her eyes has black markings under it. She is surrounded by abstract patterns - we can see her shirt faintly, as though reflected through a window. Out of focus beneath her face we see three brass fittings, like the fixtures of a bath.