The P.E. Post

I spent some time trawling resources for you guys to try, but have come to the conclusion that 90% of the P.E. stuff recommended to schools are for children. You lot are fine young men and women growing, so I don’t think Joe Wicks bouncing around to the Tellytubbies theme tune is for you…

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Don’t Try This at Home…

But the Gym is Closed Sir…

One of the heaviest weights you will ever lift is your own body! So you don’t actually need a gym and gym equipment to train properly. But you do need to learn some safe body-lifting techniques. Here is a link to an excellent webpage with videos of floor exercises you can try.

There’s a lot of them so start with the first video. It shows you how to do the plank properly and safely. The plank is a great exercise to strengthen your core body muscles- and it’s not as easy as you think.

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Should have tried Mr Dunlevy’s Webpage dude…

The Wonders of Walking

Another simple exercise we can all do from home is the humble walk. And better still, since Monday the 18th we are allowed to:

  • Meet up outside with 3 of our friends
  • Once we keep 2 metres apart and…
  • Stay within 5 km of home.

Here is some interesting information on the health benefits of walking. So why not meet up with 3 friends for a walk?

Lovely weather we’re having…

Sports Allowed During Phase 1

If you prefer organised sports- or would just like to give one a go! the good news is that the government is allowing us to take part in such activities if they are:

  • Outdoors and…
  • We keep 2 metres between us at all times.

Here’s a list of the sports we can now participate in. It’s taken from the Government’s website that I posted to you all on Tuesday.

  • golf
  • pitch and putt
  • tennis
  • equestrian sport (not in indoor arenas)
  • athletics (clubs in outdoor track setting)
  • cycling
  • triathlon
  • orienteering
  • bowls
  • angling
  • open water swimming
  • sailing
  • rowing
  • canoeing
  • hillwalking

Remember! Social Distancing should be maintained at all times.

And Finally…

Here is a great FREE website that integrates feeling good and keeping active to help us feel good about ourselves. It’s free to use but you do have to register yourself. It uses a scientific approach to create a happiness program for you to follow. Make a little effort and achieve a contented outlook on life? Sign me up!

Keep Safe, Keep Active Everyone!

All the best from,

Mr. Dunlevy.